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Bio-Vin Research Laboratories operation provides a contract research chemistry solution to aid the drug discovery process within biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We have undertaken a broad range of research based chemistry projects for many of the fastest growing and most well known biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies operating from key markets in USA and India.

Bio-Vin Research Laboratories is open to the collaborative partnerships on the shared risk basis. In such instances, Bio-Vin Research Laboratories will provide know how in the pre-clinical development process along with the lead generation and lead optimization strategies. Bio-Vin Research Laboratories can provide with the complete medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry support in such cases to develop the molecules further in collaboration.Bio-Vin Research Laboratories will also provide drug discovery tools to discovery companies.

Custom Synthesis
Contract Research

Custom organic synthesis:
Bio-Vin Research Laboratories fully commits itself to be the most reliable organic chemistry powerhouse and to be the best organic chemistry outsourcing provider for drug discovery and biotech companies. Our expertise’s are:
  1. Starting materials, intermediates, and final products
  2. Combinatorial chemistry templates and building blocks
  3. Reference compounds (literature or competitor), impurities, by-products
  4. Drug intermediates synthesis
  5. Scale up, process optimization

Bio-Vin Research Laboratories has a proven track record in supplying pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with gram to kilogram quantities of high quality custom-made organic chemicals and on-time delivery. Our marketing team will quickly respond to your inquiries (Two working days) and aggressive timing on bid (Average quote for job completion is 3-5 weeks). Our production team is highly reliable, especially on delivery time (Average completion date is 5 days before project due date).

Contract research:
Bio-Vin Research Laboratories is a research and development company specializing in custom syntheses and contract research.  In addition to synthesizing specific organic compounds, Bio-Vin Research Laboratories offers its research facilities for the development of new products, particularly in the areas of focused combichem libraries, combinatorial chemistry building blocks, heterocycles and other organic intermediates.

  1. Process research and development
  2. Generating focused library
  3. Lead optimization by combinatorial chemistry approach
  4. Organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry projects

Currently, we are concentrating on developing new synthetic methods for combinatorial chemistry templates and building blocks, heterocyclic compounds, chiral building blocks, and other important organic building blocks.